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Energy Efficiency

Climate change is one of the biggest issues in the world today. Currently, stationery energy production such as coal fired power stations accounts for 50% of Australia’s greenhouse emmisions. The adoption of green energy and along with energy efficient products is critical to sustaining environmental and economic stability for our future generations. Along with the environmental issues, using energy efficient products can also provide substantial savings to the home or business. For example, did you know that one of our most popular forms of domestic and commercial lighting, the halogen down light, is the most inefficient form of lighting?

 GreenWise Energy is committed to providing consumers and businesses with Energy Efficient solutions for the home and workplace. Programmes that can be implemented to assist in Energy Management and Energy Efficiency are:

  • Energy Audits to identify power usage and how it can be reduced.
  • Energy efficient lighting systems for the home, office and indusrty such as LED lighting, compact fluorescents and T5 fluorescents.
  • Retro fitting of exisiting lighting systems to energy efficient lighting.
  • Solar Power
  • Solar Hot Water

Check out some of our range energy efficient products below or contact us to discuss an Energy Audit today.