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Let’s Talk Green, Making Good Use of Renewable Energy Source

As people around the world become aware of climate change and its dramatic effects on the environment, more and more individuals are joining the environmental-friendly bandwagon and advocating for sustainable solutions. One of which includes the generation and harnessing of green energy.


But what is green energy? Green energy includes the types of energy that naturally exist on Earth, such as the wind, water, tides, plants, geothermal and sunlight, to name a few. These energy sources exist in abundance and can be replenished as needed. They are more ideal energy sources compared to the ones being used by big corporations such as fossil fuels that will eventually run out. The way energy is derived from fossil fuels is also considered bad for the environment as fossil fuels are burned and then turned to steam to generate energy. This burning process has contributed greatly to the detrimental state of the environment and the world’s carbon emissions. On the other hand, green energy is renewable and undoubtedly will prove to be the more ecological choice for the future.

Making Good Use of Green Energy


With green energy readily available around us, it would be a complete waste if we did not take advantage of their existence. Sunlight, for example, is almost always available to everybody, regardless of where one is located. The key lies in being able to harness this natural and steady supply of energy and effectively use it to power our homes and offices.

This is where energy efficiency comes in. Not only do we need better ways to harness and store green energy, we should also know how to efficiently use this energy to ensure that no energy is lost or goes to waste. Solar panels can effectively harness sunlight and convert it to solar energy, but a lot of improvement is still needed in maximising the amount of sunlight that solar panels can actually absorb.


With the advancement in technology, energy efficiency in the usage of green energy will surely improve; however, we as people can also do our own small part. For example, we can opt to install solar panels on our roofs to use solar energy to power our homes instead of electricity. Another way we can be energy efficient is by using LED light inside our homes as they use up less electricity or instead of turning on the lights, we can make use of the natural light during the day by way of a skylight in our homes or offices or just even by drawing the curtains and allowing the sunshine to come into the room. We can also choose to unplug any appliances or gadgets that are not in use to lower our energy usage and better manage our energy supply.


Combining green energy and energy efficiency can not only ensure that we will all be receiving the maximum energy we need to power our homes and offices; the union of the two will also be the key in lowering greenhouse emissions and safeguarding the Earth for future generations.